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An Incredible Week of Ontario Herping (Part 1)

Although the title says "week", this was all really done within 5 days. The best 5 days of my life. DAY ONE: It all started the morning of June 1st on our way down to Ontario's Southernmost point of land, Pelee Island. We had decided to make a pit-stop in the Windsor area while waiting for the ferry. We wanted to search for a small Species at Risk (SAR) snake.. any ideas of which species that may be?! If you said Butler's Gartersnake, you would be correct! Butler's Gartersnake (Thamnophis butleri) This beautiful female was found by my good friend Taylor Kennedy. And not only was she beautiful, she was gravid (pregnant)! Being an endangered snake in our province, we are always happy to see a snake that will, hopefully, go on to produce a new generation. Identification tip: Butler's Gartersnakes have lateral (side) stripes on the third scale row and part of the second and fourth scale rows whereas the Eastern Gartersnakes lateral stripe only touc