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An Incredible Week of Ontario Herping (Part 3)

Starting out like any other day, I didn't expect this particular Tuesday to be anything special.  But I'm glad it was. I went the whole morning and early afternoon going about my business for the day. it wasn't until the late afternoon, when I was driving, that I noticed a little lump up on the road ahead. Being at prime nesting time for turtles I knew this was one of these reptiles. At first I thought it was a small female Painted Turtle but when I got up to it I saw that it was something different. It was an Eastern Musk Turtle! I hadn't seen one of these yet this year, so it was great to have this opportunity and even better that I was able to save the individual from oncoming traffic. Eastern Musk Turtle - Ontario  I quickly moved it across the busy road and it went on it's way into the wetland on the other side. Eastern Musk Turtle - Ontario This was a particularly interesting and unique observation. Musk Turtles hardly ever leave the