A Trip to the Sunshine State - Part 3

By far the highlight of the trip were the last few days.

In South Florida we spent our last day and night looking for a few natives we wanted to see and then mostly invasives. Here's what we found:

Corn Snake

Green Iguana

Three-striped Mud Turtle

Florida Cricket Frog

Blind Snake

Brown Anole

Knight Anole

Knight Aole

Cuban Treefrog

Brown Basilisk

Tokay Gecko - juvenile

Tokay Gecko - juvenile

Then, on our last day, the magic happened. We had all but given up on finding an Eastern Indigo Snake but decided to give a search in one last ditch effort before heading home on the long 24 hour drive.

And boy was that the best decision ever! Not long into our search Taylor turned up this massive 6.5 foot female Eastern Indigo Snake!

Eastern indigo

Eastern Indigo

Eastern Indigo

Eastern Indigo
The story that accompanies finding this Indigo is a great one that I will have to post about again sometime. The number of hours and 'almost encounters' we had searching for these snakes in Florida was almost silly. But that will be for another time, for now it's just the pictures.

R. Wolfe


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